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Parwan Electronics Corporation (PEC), started in 1984, is headquartered in New Jersey, the telecommunication industry capital of the world. Companies such as Alcatel Lucent, AT&T, and Vonage are all located with minutes of PEC. Located only 30 miles from New York City , and within one hour of three major international airports, PEC is easily accessible to travelers from around the globe. PEC has a 10,000 sq feet facility in Noida, India to support its customers in South Asia and Middle East.

PEC is dedicated exclusively to the telecom software field. The entire organization is geared to quality software products that meet the telecom requirements of today, at cost effective prices. PEC employs approximately 45 skilled senior software engineers, support staff members, and sales personnel devoted to bringing you quality products, competitive prices, and full technical support. The knowledgeable technical support teams employed by PEC are available to assist you during installation and the operating of your system.

VoiceSaver - VoiceSaver is a generic voice processing bullet-proof platform that can handle from 2 to 1,800 concurrent calls over Voice over IP (VoIP) or Time Division Multiplexed (TDM) circuits. The platform is used for Call Routing, Voice Messaging, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Autodiliang, Call Logging, Prepaid Call Control, Trunk Monitoring, Call Ahead, and Audiotext applications. It virutally intergrates with most of the PBX and Mobile Switching Centers (MSC) of the world and supports all the databases that are ODBC compliant. It also fully supports the Fidelio Property Mangement software for high end hotels. The platform comes with a GUI IVR applications generator that allows the user to easily implement their own call flows.

Solution Focus:
Network Switching, Signaling, Application Development