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Pareteum is a leading provider of Communications Platform as a Service solutions.

We give businesses of all types the freedom and control to create, deliver and scale innovative communications experiences.

The flexible ARTA architecture is designed with evolving customer preferences in mind. Whether organizations want to introduce a branded mobile network, add location-based services to the marketing mix or develop apps that entice, engage and commit, with ARTA you can deliver.

Location-based services can be delivered ‘smartphone independent’ by an operator and ‘operator independent’ through ARTA’s own unique Continuous Location Client (CLC). End-users simply download the software and subscribe, making targeted marketing, fleet and/or employee tracking an instant reality.

Additionally, ARTA is a full-fledged fixed-mobile convergence platform that seamlessly integrates landline and wireless networks, and offers VoIP control functionality to boot.

Solution Focus:
Application Development