Dialogic PowerMedia MRB


The PowerMedia™ Media Resource Broker (MRB), a standards-compliant, software-based Media Resource Broker that allows application developers, service providers and enterprises to dynamically scale and distribute a media server resource pool across disparate applications and datacenters. When used with one or more PowerMedia™ XMS media servers, the PowerMedia MRB provides a reliable and resource-efficient software-based media-processing platform for scaling rich media applications such as conferencing, transcoding, and Interactive Voice Response (IVR).

  • PowerMedia Media Resource Broker (MRB) is a software load balancer enhancement for Dialogic PowerMedia XMS media servers
  • Lower costs and improve utilization by consolidating media servers into a single resource pool
  • Easy to add to existing application servers without changing interfaces or adding MRB awareness
  • Adds high-availability and geographic redundancy
  • Media server affinity routes callers to the right media server during hand-overs
  • IETF RFC6917 and 3GPP IMS standards compliant

Key Features

Media resource abstraction

Automatic load balancing, resource allocation and re-allocation allow a pool of media servers to appear as a single media server to applications and users, eliminating the need for the application or proprietary load balancers to handle these functions

Rapid application integration

Standards-compliant media server functionality that can be controlled by a multitude of standardized media server interfaces or a simple, yet powerful RESTful API, offering rapid plug-and-play style integration with existing applications

Increase Reliability

High availability, intelligent failover, and stateful call preservation features add local and geographic redundancy options while increasing uptime

Efficient load balancing and resource assignment

Allows for maximal media resource utilization to minimize the media resource CAPEX required

Cloud-ready virtualized software

Software agility and powerful management interfaces reduce the effort required for operations and maintenance, minimizing OPEX