Dialogic PowerMedia HMP

Sophisticated PowerMedia® HMP performs media processing tasks on general-purpose servers without requiring the use of specialized hardware. PowerMedia HMP provides media services for building flexible, scalable, and cost-effective next-generation media servers, converged telephony applications, gateways, and video portals.  PowerMedia HMP supports Dialogic® R4 and GlobalCall interfaces helping easy migration for existing Dialogic® DM3 based applications. 

PowerMedia HMP

PowerMedia HMP for Linux

High-density multimedia processing software for building innovative voice and video solutions. Multimedia features supported include video transcoding (H.264, VP8, MPEG4 and H.263), video transrating, video conferencing.  Supports HD Voice (G.722, AMR-WB(G.722.2) and OPUS), G.711, G.726, G.729, G.723.1, iLBC, GSM-FR, GSM-EFR and AMR-NB Codecs. Supports HMP Interface Boards for TDM and converged solutions. Offers T.38 and V.17 Fax and speech integration and conferencing features. Includes updated SNMP/CLI interface and flexible licensing. Supports SIP, SIP TLS, Secure RTP and DLTS-SRTP.

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PowerMedia HMP

PowerMedia HMP for Windows

High-density media processing software for building innovative VoIP solutions.  Supports G.711, G.726, enhanced RTP (G.729ab, G.723.1) GSM-FR, GSM-EFR and AMR-NB Codecs for narrowband and G.722 and AMR-WB (G.722.2) for HD Voice messaging. Support for HMP Interface Boards provides TDM connectivity for converged IP-TDM solutions. Offers speech integration and conferencing features.  Includes SNMP interface and flexible licensing.  Supports SIP, SIP TLS, Secure RTP.

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