Intelligent Migration to IMS

Intelligent Approach to Deploying IMS Solutions


The rise of mobile multimedia communications is driving fixed and mobile service providers to migrate their legacy and Voice over IP (VoIP) networks to an IMS-based architecture. IMS provides an IP-based framework for multimedia sessions and services and enables LTE networks to handle voice calls, known as Voice over LTE (VoLTE). Dialogic delivers an intelligent, efficient path to IMS migration through its IMS-ready, IP-based products and Diameter-based solutions.

Dialogic products help service providers transition seamlessly from legacy networks to IMS through circuit-to-IP call control transformation, enhanced media capabilities and new Diameter services.

Dialogic IMS-ready solutions

 Dialogic IP Multimedia Subsystem Solutions
ControlSwitch™ System
Media Gateway Control Function (MGCF), Breakout Gateway Control Function (BGCF)
I-Gate® 4000 PRO and EDGE Media Gateways
IMS Gateway (IMS GW), IMS Media Gateway (IMS MGW), IMS Signaling Gateway (SGW)
PowerMedia® XMS
Media Resource Function (MRF), Media Resource Broker (MRB)
BorderNet™ Session Border Controller
Proxy Call Session Control Function (P-CSCF), Interconnection Border Control Function (IBCF)

Circuit-to-IP Call Control Transformation

Most service providers have already begun to migrate from circuit-switched to packet-switched networks. Further transformation is required for packet-based networks to align with IMS by adding functionality in the session control layer. The ControlSwitch System is a Next-Generation Network (NGN) softswitch that seamlessly transitions to serve as the MGCF and BGCF in an IMS network. Service providers have deployed the ControlSwitch System to replace their older Class 4 switching technology with a field-proven IMS-ready solution.

Similarly, the BorderNet Session Border Controller provides P-CSCF and IBCF in a compact 1U platform and can also be deployed as a virtualized appliance to support NFV applications.

Enriched Media Capabilities

Multimedia services are at the heart of IMS, with media interworking playing a key role in IMS deployments. I-Gate 4000 PRO and EDGE Media Gateways can help service providers transition to an IMS network by acting as the IMS GW, MGW or SGW, and provide network functions such as IP-to-IP media transcoding, media optimization, RFC 4117 support and SIP/H.248 signaling. With their open architecture, I-Gate 4000 PRO/EDGE MGWs can interwork with existing MGCF deployments from other vendors or in conjunction with the ControlSwitch System MGCF/BGCF to take advantage of the geographical redundancy and high reliability of the Dialogic offerings.

PowerMedia XMS is a powerful media server that can fulfill the joint roles of MRF and MRB in an IMS network. PowerMedia XMS features advanced multimedia capabilities including support for the Opus audio codec, VP8 video codec and HTML5 browsers, enabling it to also serve as a media gateway between IMS and Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) networks. PowerMedia XMS supports the Media Server Markup Language (MSML) interfaces (RFC 5707) for multimedia control in an IMS network.

Next Steps on Your Path to IMS

The Long-Term Evolution network of tomorrow may seem a long way from where your network is today, but Dialogic can help you reach that goal more quickly and more efficiently with solutions to position you to get the most out of your IMS deployment strategy.

Is IMS in your future? Get there faster and smarter with Dialogic by downloading an informative white paper on "An Intelligent Migration Path to IP Multimedia Subsystem Networks."


Learn More about the Dialogic IMS-ready solutions

The ControlSwitch™ System is an IMS-ready Media Gateway Control Function (MGCF) NGN class 4 softswitch that provides a smooth migration path from existing TDM voice networks to the Next Generation Network/IP Multimedia Subsystem (NGN/IMS) by enabling the interconnection of a mix of traditional and IMS SIP-based voice networks. The ControlSwitch System MGCF is built around an advanced modular, programmable, distributed, highly scalable, and high availability architecture with open interfaces to media devices, application servers, and back-office systems.

For more details about the ControlSwitch System go to the product page.

I-Gate® 4000 PRO and EDGE Media Gateways deliver high quality voice, significant bandwidth savings, and high reliability in both low and high port density options for NGN and IMS/VoLTE architectures. Service providers seeking to benefit from operational efficiencies of next generation switching technology can improve deployment flexibility with I-Gate 4000 MGWs since they can support either MGCP or H.248 VoIP media gateway control.

For more details about I-Gate MGWs, go to the product page.

BorderNet™ Session Border Controllers provide multimedia connectivity including native software transcoding, security, service assurance, optimization and border management capabilities, along with regulatory compliance features that offer exceptional CAPEX and OPEX value and provide a future ready platform for IMS/VoLTE applications. The BorderNet SBC is available as either a hardware appliance or a highly scalable virtualized appliance to support Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) applications.

For more details about BorderNet SBCs, go to the product page.

PowerMedia® XMS is an IMS-ready media server that conforms to 3GPP Media Resource Function (MRF) and Media Resource Broker (MRB) specifications. Service providers can take advantage of its powerful media processing capabilities required by IMS-based services such as VoLTE and RCS to simplify and streamline media processing management by consolidating disparate application-server based media processing into a centralized media server architecture as specified by the 3GPP.

For more details about PowerMedia XMS, go to the product page.

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