Dialogic® Pro™ Advantage Services for the ControlSwitch System

Dialogic offers a comprehensive suite of optional services for purchase, which are designed to target specific requirements. These optional services are available to customers who have purchased a Dialogic® Pro™ Service Agreement for the ControlSwitch System.

The following optional Dialogic Pro Advantage Services can be purchased:

Features and Benefits  
Onsite training/remote technical support Dialogic makes available its technical personnel to the customer based on contracted time. Dialogic's technical personnel can support customers in operating Dialogic products and configuring the products according to customer need. Dialogic's professional technical staff spends a significant time in training to update their technical product knowledge, and they have accumulated significant experience and expertise in operating Dialogic products. The customer gains from this expertise and the customer's technical personnel will gain experience by working closely with the Dialogic professional team. Dialogic engineers can be available onsite, fully dedicated to the customer, or remotely through xMS and telephone support. Onsite support is available for a minimum package of up to 3 days with optional extension
Annual preventive maintenance Dialogic is aware of the importance of its products to the customer's business. In order to prevent future issues with the products, Dialogic offers the preventive maintenance & inspection service, which should be performed annually. Dialogic service engineers will review the customer network and solution and will perform a preventive maintenance routine according to a product type procedure. To prevent traffic disruption, the preventive maintenance routine will be performed only with full customer authorization. Dialogic will provide a report at the end of the maintenance routine that will summarize the current status of the product, and recommend any changes in the operation of the product and any additional action that needs to be taken.
Annual onsite hardware replacement Onsite hardware repair transfers the management of all repair and replacement to Dialogic's full control. By implementing an onsite hardware program, the customer outsources the entire parts logistics process to Dialogic. Dialogic will consult with the customer to build a plan that meets the customer's business goals and objectives. This comprehensive service provides continuous monitoring and automatic replenishment of parts as well as intelligent inventory management. Replacement units are shipped within 2 business days after receipt of a request. This service is available 7 x 24 x 365. The service may include full spare control and onsite replacement depending on customer needs and Dialogic abilities.
Non-Dialogic trouble ticket support and subscription Dialogic technical support is intended to provide support for Dialogic products including any malfunction in the product or any operational consulting relating to the Dialogic product. It is expected that the customer will take full responsibility for all defects and problems which are not related to the Dialogic product and will have enough skills to determine if the problem resides with the Dialogic product. Dialogic support will immediately deal with any service request and do its best to help the customer. In the event that the cause of the malfunction is determined to be unrelated to Dialogic products under contract, Dialogic will charge the customer for the additional support. The customer may purchase a batch of non-Dialogic tickets at a significant discount. This will give the customer the support of a Dialogic expert in case a non-Dialogic service request is made to the Dialogic team.

Oracle hardware preferred support program

Customers can benefit from the preferred program provided by SUN to Dialogic as part of Dialogic's global support agreement with SUN. Dialogic recommends that customers purchase SUN hardware services to enable them to benefit from the following SUN services:

  • Support – online and telephone support 24 x 7
  • Onsite support – Onsite support for critical and major problems
  • System operation normal support – Support for all bugs, question, etc.
  • Replacement hardware parts – If it has been determined that hardware has failed, a replacement will be provided by SUN. SUN will provide onsite support for the parts that cannot be replaced by customers.

Customers that do not have a direct agreement with SUN or are not willing to use Dialogic preferred support for SUN equipment will only benefit from Dialogic's regular hardware repair program during the warranty period (that is, 1 year after purchase). 

Test bed services

Dialogic has test labs that are used to verify and simulate field problems and customer-specific requirements. They are also used to simulate upgrade procedures of new software packages. Customers that do not have test labs can use Dialogic labs to simulate specific network requirements or train their staff on specific features of the ControlSwitch. Dialogic will make available one full ControlSwitch, two media gateways, and bulk load simulators to the customer together and provide a full-time professional service engineer to help the customer run their test plan.

Third-level NOC

The third-level NOC is a service that Dialogic offers to customers whose network is already carrying live traffic. The service offers remote monitoring of the customer’s systems on a daily basis. It supports customers who are not able to monitor their network, either due to a lack of professional and technical personnel, or customers who wish to use Dialogic as an outside and independent body to provide a professional analysis of their system. Dialogic offers a highly experienced, highly skilled, and highly motivated team of professional service engineers. The Dialogic professional services team has a vast knowledge of VoIP networks in general and of Dialogic equipment in particular. By purchasing Dialogic third-level NOC on-site support, the customer's network will receive premium quality service. The customer can also free his team for other tasks. Dialogic's third-level NOC duties consist of:

  • Analyzing call reports and call statistics
  • Verifying that there are no major/critical alarms
  • Monitoring system utilization
  • Monitoring system events
  • Providing daily reports

Other activities and the frequency of the activities above can be tailored according to the customer's needs and network complexity.

How to Purchase

To discuss your specific requirements and for information about purchasing Dialogic Pro Services, contact us now.