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The Continuing Evolution of Dialogic
The word evolution is defined by the Cambridge English Dictionary as: “A gradual process of change and development.”

Scaling in the Cloud – Avoid Flying Too Close to the Sun
For any service provider, moving out of the data center and into the cloud can bring an extensive return on investment – optimizing costs by only paying for what you use has saved some servi...

SD-WAN’s Relationship with UCaaS
Within many organizations today, CIOs are embracing the many possibilities that are opened up by the implementation of cloud technologies.

How Pairing IoT and UCaaS is Reshaping the Telecom Sector
Companies need to prepare for the future. With the expectation that the majority of apps will soon be adopted in the cloud and the use of online services will move to a dominant position, br...

Hearing and Seeing the Difference in UC Platforms
UC is a growing market with a market cap that is expanding by multiple billions of dollars year over year. Everyone wants a piece of that!

Microservices Architecture – What is it, and why should I care?
A Unified Communications platform (UC) supports multiple features such as calling, conferencing, collaboration, and instant messaging.