Dialogic® 2000 and 4000 Media Gateway Series: Advanced Configuration and Troubleshooting Training


Course Overview

The Dialogic® 2000 and 4000 Media Gateway Series Advanced Configuration and Troubleshooting training provides experienced attendees with the tools and methodologies to configure both the Dialogic® 2000 and Dialogic® 4000 Media Gateway Series.  Additionally, there will be a focus on how to perform phone number normalization and manipulation using tools available in each individual gateway series.  The troubleshooting portion of the training will also provide high-level tips on reading the debug logs that can be produced by each gateway series to allow partners more independence when analyzing issues.


2 days

Key Products

Target Audience

Value Added Distributors, Distributors, Telecom Equipment Manufacturers, Data & Telecom Resellers, Global System Integrators


Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Configure a DMG2000 or DMG4000 for various types of field deployments
  • Perform number normalization and/or manipulation depending on the requirements in a given deployment
  • Obtain debug logs and be able to troubleshoot from those logs at a higher level  

Required Preparation

Prior experience with configuring a DMG2000 and DMG4000 gateway, or experience configuring Dialogic® Diva® media boards and Dialogic® Diva® SIPcontrol™ Software.


Day One (DMG2000)

  • Configuration via web interface
    • IP
    • TDM
    • Routing Table
  • Number normalization and manipulation
    • Proprietary expression language used in Routing Table
  • Enabling debug traces
  • Reading debug traces

Day Two (DMG4000)

  • Configuration via Dialogic® Diva® SIPcontrol Software
    • Diva media board ports
    • SIPcontrol SIP Peers
    • SIPcontrol Routing
  • Number normalization and manipulation in SIPcontrol
    • Dial Plans
    • Address maps (using regular expressions)
  • Enabling Diva media traces
  • Reading Diva media traces

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