Dialogic® Pro™ XMS Starter Pack

Service Contracts: XMS Starter Pack

Starter Pack harness Dialogic's expertise available for Dialogic® Power Media products. This plan is registered at the time of purchase and provide developer support for a new customer.  The Starter Pack is sold as price list items through Dialogic distribution and reseller channels.

The following is a summary of the Dialogic Pro XMS Starter Pack:

  • Up to eight (8) hours development start up support
  • Ninety (90) day coverage term
  • Access to software maintenance releases
  • Access to new software releases
  • Access to on line developer Forums and Product Documentation from Dialogic  

Note: Starter Pack is non-renewable. Customer may purchase Gold, Silver, or Bronze Agreement for continued access to Dialogic support engineers

Ordering Information

XMS Starter Pack is sold through Dialogic’s distributor and reseller channels and Dialogic's network of Dialogic Pro Service Partners.

  • XMS Starter Pack part numbers are included in Dialogic price lists and are available in one (90) day term
  • XMS Starter Pack should be bought at the time of product development and is not renewable.
  • Contracts are registered against individual Dialogic customers and support initial development only.

Terms and Conditions

XMS Starter Pack Agreement (PDF)

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