New Dialogic Vision 1000 Gateways Enable Interactive 3G Mobile Multimedia Services

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dialogic Introduces Versatile Multimedia Gateways Configurable as Stand-alone Video/Voice Gateway or with On-board Programmable Media Processing

Parsippany, New Jersey, May 17, 2010 - Dialogic Corporation ("Dialogic"), a global provider of world-class products and technologies for multimedia and signal processing, today announced the availability of the new Dialogic® VisionTM 1000 Gateways. The Vision 1000 Gateways are configurable as a stand-alone 3G-324M video gateway - called the Dialogic® VisionTM 1000 Video Gateway - connected to external service delivery platforms via SIP/RTP, or in combination with an on-board programmable VoiceXML/CCXML media platform - called the Dialogic® VisionTM 1000 Programmable Media Platform - enabling video and audio mobile services. In the second configuration, Vision 1000 Gateways can perform both media gateway and media server processing functions, eliminating the need to configure a stand-alone media server product, saving as much as 50% in CapEx and providing mobile operators with a cost-effective choice to deploy a wide array of high-value 3G network-based interactive multimedia services.

The Vision 1000 Video Gateway's proven 3G-324M interoperability enables rapid market trials and testing of interactive mobile video services such as social networking, integrated video conferencing, video call completion to voice (VCCV), video SMS or voice mail, video surveillance, and video advertising. The Vision 1000 Gateway's fully-featured 3G-324M support includes any-to-any transcoding between H.264, MPEG4 and H.263 to support connection of IP endpoints and mobile video handsets. The Vision 1000 Video Gateway also incorporates Dialogic's patent-pending bit rate controller technology, as well as MONA/WNSRP for fast call setup and high quality subscriber experience. Simultaneous support for voice only calls enables high quality, low-latency conversion from video calls to voice calls that is critical for VCCV services.

Watch a Video to Learn More about VCCV Technology

The Vision 1000 Video Gateway was designed to be a cost-effective gateway and can be centrally located to deliver video services behind an in-place voice media gateway through support of RFC4040 - reducing deployment costs by not requiring video gateways at the edge. Furthermore, it does not require a 1:1 gateway to transcoding resource, providing flexible, cost effective pricing models for transcoding.

"Dialogic created these new Vision 1000 Gateways to meet the needs of the rapidly changing service provider landscape with a gateway product that can seamlessly integrate in either pre-IMS or IMS mobile networks," said Jim Machi, senior vice president of marketing at Dialogic Corporation. "The inherent versatility of the Vision 1000 Gateways to connect to existing service delivery platforms or utilize open, on-board, programmable media processing, enables rapid development of interactive mobile video and/or voice services that can be integrated with SS7, BICC, and SIP-I signaling for connectivity to legacy or next generation networks."

Vision 1000 Gateways are available in the high performance 1U form factor, which reduces its physical footprint and carbon footprint. The 1U configuration supports 240 ports of video gateway with video transcoding and up to 480 audio ports of VoiceXML and CCXML for high capacity and scalable deployments. Additional 1U gateways support scalability and expansion with reliable and redundant configurations up to 5,000 ports.

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