Dialogic Enables SIP Migration for Genesys Customers

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dialogic® Media Gateways validated for use with Genesys 8

Genesys G-Force 2010, Chicago, April 13, 2010 - Dialogic Corporation ("Dialogic"), a global provider of world-class products and technologies for media and signal processing, today announced that Dialogic has embarked on a phased effort to validate various Dialogic® products for use with Genesys Voice Platform 8 and Genesys Outbound. The first phase has been completed and Dialogic has validated the interoperability of the Dialogic® 2000 Media Gateway Series (DMG2000) for use with Genesys Voice Platform 8 allowing the Genesys partner network to use the DMG2000 in the deployment of SIP-based voice self-service solutions.

DMG2000 Gateways are widely used to provide PBX integration between applications deployed on SIP-based media servers and the installed base of TDM and hybrid IP-PBX systems. Since many legacy PBX and contact center systems do not support SIP and VoIP natively, a DMG2000 gateway can be used to integrate SIP based applications into legacy environments in the following ways:

• TDM-to-SIP Protocol Conversion - translates Primary Rate ISDN signaling (T1 or E1), Q.SIG and CAS into SIP signaling
• TDM Conversion to RTP - translates traditional TDM circuit-switched voice channels into packet RTP media streams
• SIP to SIP Mediation between disparate SIP based networks and systems
• 24 to 120 TDM channels to SIP sessions per 1U shelf

"Interoperability validation with Genesys Voice Platform 8 promotes further choice for Genesys customers as they pursue IP migration strategies for their customer care solutions," said Franz-Josef Eberle, Vice President and General Manager for the Enterprise Market Group at Dialogic. "Dialogic enables efficient and cost effective adoption of SIP based architectures through media and signaling products such as our media gateways. This new interoperability will help Genesys channel partners deliver SIP-based customer service solutions to their customers."

"Having worked with Dialogic previously, Genesys recognizes that Dialogic has significant expertise in enabling enterprise and carrier applications," said Max Ball, Director, Product Management at Genesys Labs. "We believe that validating Dialogic Media Gateway products with Genesys Voice Platform 8 provides our partner network with additional deployment options that will promote our SIP-based solutions to the benefit of our mutual customers."

In the second phase of the validation effort Dialogic and Genesys intend to validate the Dialogic® Integrated Media Gateway family (IMG 1004 and 1010) with Genesys Voice Platform 8 for use in large enterprise and hosted service provider call center deployments. In addition, Dialogic will validate the DMG2000, the IMG 1004 and the IMG 1010 gateway platforms with Genesys Outbound, including tuned and tested call progress analysis through the gateway platforms. The second phase validation effort will conclude during the second quarter of 2010.

The IMG 1004 and the IMG 1010 will deliver Genesys customers:
• Any to any signaling including SS7 and Sigtran M3UA
• 96 thru 768 TDM channels to SIP sessions per 1U shelf
• Signaling (SS7) and media transcoding functions in (1) platform reducing CAPEX costs
For more information on Dialogic Media Gateways for Genesys Voice Platforms, visit Dialogic at Genesys G-Force 2010 in Chicago and Amsterdam, or visit www.dialogic.com.  

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