Host Media Processing Software Debuts New Video and HD Voice Codecs

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Support for new video codecs and wideband HD voice codecs via an upcoming release of Dialogic HMP Release 4.1LIN.


Dialogic Corporation (, a global provider of world-class products and technologies for multimedia and signal processing, today announced support for new video codecs and wideband HD voice codecs via an upcoming release of Dialogic® Host Media Processing Software (HMP) Release 4.1LIN.

Dialogic® HMP Software Release 4.1LIN is high-density, cost-effective multimedia processing software for building innovative communications solutions on Linux platforms and contains patent-pending software developed by Dialogic® Media Labs to enhance the quality of mobile video with improved bit-rate control. Specifically, the software update will provide support for native streaming of the following codecs:

  • Video Codec: H.264 (aka MPEG-4 Advanced Video Coding)
  • HD Voice Codecs: AMR-WB (G.722.2) and G.722

Key Facts

  • By adding support for the industry standard H.264 codec, Dialogic HMP software extends the ability for developers to create rich streaming video solutions using enhanced compression technology, which can operate at up to 50% lower bit rate than existing H.263 codecs.
  • Dialogic HMP software is widely used as a media engine in applications and solutions ranging from unified messaging, interactive voice and video response, video portals and video conferencing, and for an array of value-added services in service provider networks around the world.
  • In the area of HD Voice, the new support for AMR-WB and G.722 codecs will deliver a broad range of voice frequencies that enable listeners to understand a speaker very clearly, especially voices in the low or high frequency range, for VoIP applications and on HD Voice enabled mobile networks.
  • Current versions of Dialogic Host Media Processing Software are available for developers to download and evaluate on a trial basis with a complimentary license.
  • The new software update will be generally available at the download site in April 2010. Application developers may request a pre-release developer license immediately by contacting


The world of communications will remain on a collision course with new IP based multimedia technologies to bring richer services and applications to consumer and enterprise customers," stated Brian Partridge, vice president of network research, Yankee Group. "Suppliers of innovative multimedia processing solutions out in front of the resulting explosion will be in high demand.

As network providers embrace multimedia and HD Voice to improve the quality of experience, Dialogic HMP software enables Unisys to evolve and scale the Unisys Messaging platform to meet market demands and deliver compelling new services" said Nancy Malanowicz, Director of Solution Management for Unisys Messaging and Converged User Services. "HD Voice technology can truly differentiate a mobile carrier's service, and Unisys is right there to extend that differentiator with enhanced media processing solutions.

About Dialogic Corporation

Dialogic Corporation is a leading provider of world-class, innovative technologies based on open standards that enable innovative mobile, video, IP, and TDM solutions for Network Service Providers and Enterprise Communication Networks. Dialogic's customers and partners rely on its leading-edge, flexible components to rapidly deploy value-added solutions around the world.

Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, Dialogic and its subsidiaries have over twenty offices worldwide, providing local presence, knowledge and support to serve its customers around the globe. Dialogic's research and development centers are located in Parsippany, New Jersey; Getzville, New York; Needham, Massachusetts; Hyannis, Massachusetts; Salem, New Hampshire; Chicago, Illinois; Fordingbridge, England; and Renningen, Germany as well as Montreal.
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