PowerNova AS - Application Server


PowerNova AS Thank you for your interest in PowerNova AS, the multi-service Application Server for voice, video, messaging (SMS/text, USSD), and social media value added services. With over 15,000 installations across 100 countries since 1989, including more than 300 mobile and wireline network operators and value added service providers, PowerNova AS is ideal for 3G/4G (LTE), SIP/IMS, SS7/T1/E1, or converged networks migrating from PSTN to IP. With its integrated, browser-based PowerNova SCE - Service Creation Environment and OAM&P Console, PowerNova AS shields developers from having to resort to low-level programming languages, yet allows for the most complex mission-critical and revenue-generating voice, video, SMS/text, USSD, web services, speech, and database services to be Designed, Developed, and Delivered, all in the same environment and manner.


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