PowerMedia XMS Technical Resources


Below is a listing of all Dialogic resources that help in understanding PowerMedia XMS. This includes installing the media server, configuring it, using the software and developing an application. Since the resources are found in a variety of places, this guide serves as a directory to all available information about PowerMedia XMS.


 This subject listing will help to locate resources of interest:

 Subject  Resource    
Technical Forum
Developer's Forum
Technical Doc, Code Samples, 
Product Documentation
Developer's Page Technical HelpWeb
    App and Tech Notes

Getting Started
Software/Trial License Download  
Product Literature
Product Description
Data Sheet
Technical Overview
Installation and Configuration
Introduction to MSML

    PowerMedia XMS Technical Forum

    This forum is for developers working with Dialogic PowerMedia XMS to build such applications as web-based multimedia calling, mobile video conferencing and other value-added services (VAS). Product updates and other interesting news will also be posted here as well.

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    PowerMedia XMS Developer's Page - Code Samples, Application and Technical Notes



    References to sample XMS applications, developer's tools, demos and technical papers.  The notes vary from a page or two to  a dozen pages long, and focus on specific PowerMedia XMS topics. Most are accompanied by demos, sample code, scripts or other material.

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    PowerMedia XMS Technical HelpWeb

    Shorter, less formal technical notes on specific PowerMedia XMS topics submitted by our technical support team.

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    PowerMedia XMS Software and Trial License Download

    Get started using PowerMedia XMS. Download the latest PowerMedia XMS software and a 4 port, 45 day trial license.

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    PowerMedia XMS Product Documentation


    The latest PowerMedia XMS Product Documentation is available for online use and download. Manuals cover release contents, system installation and configuration, quick start, and the various application control technologies (REST, VXML, NetAnn, JSR309)

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    PowerMedia XMS Product Description



    The full, formal description of PowerMedia XMS and its features.

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    PowerMedia XMS Data Sheet


    Technical specifications for PowerMedia XMS.

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    PowerMedia XMS Training

    A variety of PowerMedia XMS training courses are available, both with and without hands-on exercises.


    PowerMedia XMS Introduction and Technical Overview


    A webinar that provides attendees with information helpful to understanding the capabilities, design, application, deployment and management of PowerMedia XMS.

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    PowerMedia XMS Installation, Configuration and Troubleshooting


    A virtual instructor-led, hands-on training session that provides attendees with detailed information on PowerMedia XMS installation, configuration and troubleshooting.

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    PowerMedia XMSTraining Series: Introduction to the Media Server Markup Language


    This webinar will provide attendees with an overview and introduction to MSML and its use on PowerMedia XMS.

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