DMG-series Media Gateways

Downloads for DMG 1000-series and DMG 2000-series Media Gateways

UPGRADE WARNING: Older DMG 1008 Hardware Only, PLEASE READ: Only update your DMG1008 to Version 6.0 release if its hardware can support it; this can be determined from its serial number.

The DMG1008 hardware can support the 6.0 upgrade if its serial number is greater than or equal to the serial numbers listed below: 

  • PIMG80PBXDNI / DMG1008DNIW: 6.0 supported from serial number IP006669
  • PIMG80MTLPBXDNI / DMG1008MTLDNIW: 6.0 supported from serial number IP006957 
  • PIMG80RLMPBXDNI / DMG1008RLMDNIW: 6.0 supported from serial number IP006957 
  • PIMG80LS / DMG1008LSW: 6.0 supported from serial number IP006578

Please Note: If you upgrade the software on a unit that cannot support it, the unit will no longer function.

Downloads for DMG 1000-series and DMG 2000-series Media Gateways


Downloads for DMG 4000-series Media Gateways

There are no generally available downloads for DMG 4000 series Gateways.

  • Windows Updates: The Dialogic® DMG 4000 Media Gateway Series comes pre-configured with Windows Automatic updates turned off. It is suggested that if you do enable Automatic Updates, you  schedule updates to be applied at times of minimum traffic, since running Automatic Updates may affect operation of the server.    
  • Windows Service Packs: Where appropriate, Dialogic may publish Helpweb articles concerning how Windows Service Packs impact the DMG 4000.  It is suggested that you do not install a Windows Service Pack on a DMG 4000 until a related Helpweb article has been published.

    Note: Windows 2008 R2 SP1 overwrites the MBR (Master Boot Record) on SBAs and must NOT be applied. See the following article for details: Microsoft SP1 Update and SBA - failure to boot

  • Lync SBA Updates: Lync SBA updates will be validated by Dialogic and an update will be periodically issued as a download or a USB stick if required for distribution.