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Rightsizing Your Fax Server
It’s really important to size your fax server for the amount of fax traffic you have – both inbound and outbound. You want to make sure you have enough channels to meet your needs.

Telecom Meets Digital: Connected Car Solutions
One of the latest technologies we’ve seen making its way to the market is the connected car. This technology provides consumers with increased comfort, vehicle analytics, and most importantl...

Introducing DialogicONE!
Our Communication Service Provider customers need new applications and services to protect and grow ARPU. We need differentiated new offerings that go beyond connectivity and security of ou...

Advanced Technologies are Coming, Are you Ready?
Enterprise communications are on the cusp of a revolutionary transformation as advanced technologies like Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI-assisted search, virtual and a...

Achieving Success in the UCaaS Market
UCaaS is growing as more and more organizations look to take advantage of improved agility, access to new collaboration features, and reduce costs by shifting their unified communications pl...

Decoder Rings and Cipher Wheels and Secret Conversations
Many applications, such as client/agent interactions at financial institutions, require encryption to protect the content of recorded conversations. Encrypted Recording within XMS provides t...