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Achieving Success in the UCaaS Market
UCaaS is growing as more and more organizations look to take advantage of improved agility, access to new collaboration features, and reduce costs by shifting their unified communications pl...

Decoder Rings and Cipher Wheels and Secret Conversations
Many applications, such as client/agent interactions at financial institutions, require encryption to protect the content of recorded conversations. Encrypted Recording within XMS provides t...

7%-38%-55% Rule—An Evolutionary Edge?
At Dialogic, our PowerMedia XMS product helps drive our PowerVille Video Conferencing solution and is used to build compelling solutions by developer partners.

The End and Beginning of a Good Thing
After approximately 13 years and over 650 Tuesday morning blogs for Dialogic, this is my last one for Dialogic. I will be moving from Dialogic to Sangoma.

The Evolution of the Software Media Server
Dialogic for over 20 years has been a market leader in media server technology. We have been at the forefront of software based video processing, media server scalability, IMS MRF and WebRTC...

STPs keep going
Given the staying power and need for SS7, operators need modern STP. We are seeing need for virtualized STPs. We understood and we built it.