Job Title : Video Software Engineer

Job Type : Full-Time

Location : Parsippany

Reports to : Director, Video Communications

Responsibilities :

  • Develop and research video coding, transcoding, communications and conferencing software.

  • Responsible for design and development of video coding and application software, including (but not limited to) such functions as:

    • developing video coding/transcoding software using Dialogic-standard tools and processes;

    • developing video coding/transcoding algorithms to maximize video quality;

    • developing algorithms for video applications for an improved video quality of experience;

    • optimizing the performance (speed) of the software;

    • completing the implementation through unit test; and

    • isolating and fixing any faults/bugs detected during testing or implementation

  • Work well as part of a team, where the team includes colleagues from other software development organizations, customers, organizational colleagues and support staff.

  • Demonstrate ability to perform complex tasks of a wide range in the video coding and communications field in effective ways with a little help and supervision, and demonstrate strong commitment to the Dialogic values.

Requirement :

  • Master’s degree, or foreign equivalent, in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering or related field

  • Demonstrate study and research and/or development in field of video coding and video processing during graduate study

  • Knowledge and experience in practical applications of video coding, transcoding and communications software:

    • knowledge in video coding;

    • knowledge in video coding standards, such as H.264;

    • knowledge in advanced coding and transcoding techniques that enable efficient interoperability among multiple standard and non-standard video algorithms (rate control and frame rate adaptation, optimization of tradeoff between video quality and complexity);

    • knowledge in protocols for video communications, video conferencing or video streaming (such as RTP, RTCP and SIP);

    • excellent programming skills, in particular, experience in object-oriented software technologies such as C++, and operating system environments including Linux and Windows.

Qualified candidates, please send resumes to: HR Manager, Dialogic Inc. at

Reference Job #1754450