Job Title : Software Embedded Engineer - San Jose

Job Type : Full-Time

Location : San Jose

Responsibilities :

  • Serve as a member of the Software Development Team. 

  • Work as an Application Programmer to participate and contribute in the design and development of features and support existing features on the Dialogic I-Gate MGW and ControlSwitch. 

  • Develop and customize applications to deliver high-availability, high performance telecom services. 

  • Provide solutions to field reported Software defects and customer requested enhancements. 

  • Responsible for the design and implementation of advanced IP telephony services. 

  • Troubleshoot VoIP customer problems and feature malfunctions. 

  • Enhance the Dialogic Igate SIP gateway to support transcoding: add B2B transcoding capabilities; add RFC4117 capabilities – a transcoding standard based on SIP. 

  • Transition Dialogic ControlSwitch knowledge to team in Israel – must possess superior knowledge of ControlSwitch product and how to teach its technology to other engineers. 

  • Lead interoperability tasks with several Dialogic OEM customers – CAS interoperability in Brazil at customer site, over H248; CAS interoperability in Mexico at customer site, over H248. 

  • Provide customer support for almost all Dialogic products. 

  • Work on lawful interception – write code in ControlSwitch element in order to support some countries’ interception regulations; develop the full environment for lawful interception; enhance the Dialogic Igate SIP gateway to support lawful interception equipment; add B2B capabilities for media forking. 

  • Work on IMS and VoLTE network support in ControlSwitch – lead a team member to add p-charge header support; add pre-condition support for VoLTE environments.

  • Strengthen the integration between the engineering and product development teams in San Jose, with those related teams in Israel.

Requirement :

  • 7 years of experience with Object Oriented programming (C++). 

  • Proven experience in Telephony protocols like SIP, H.248, MGCP, SS#7, ISDN and CAS. 

  • Proven experience in real time development. 

  • Development experience in VxWorks environments. 

  • Thorough knowledge of Dialogic Media Gateway and ControlSwitch. 

  • Expertise in Advanced C++: OOD, templates. 

  • Ability to handle/understand a huge amount of source code. 

  • Ability to quickly determine problems at customer networks. 

  • Ability to coordinate between the current R&D group in San Jose and the R&D management team in Israel.

Qualified candidates, please send resumes to: HR Manager, Dialogic Inc. at

Reference Job #4355