Applications for Service Providers
and Enterprises

Dialogic Apps

Dialogic offers a community of ready-to-customize software applications, covering a spectrum of solutions for both enterprise and service provider deployments. Based on proven platforms, the portfolio of Dialogic applications and services can improve time-to-market, cut development costs, and reduce maintenance expenses.

Dialogic software applications are available in any one of the following forms, accommodating the level of integration to match customer needs:


  • White-label, ready to private label and deploy
  • Modular building blocks for integration into existing environments
  • Full custom applications


The Dialogic PowerVille portfolio includes:


Dialogic PowerVille CC - Cloud Centrex Dialogic PowerVille Cloud Centrex is a carrier-grade solution hosted in a cloud environment enabling Network Operators to offer hosted PBX and SIP trunking services to their business customer, while also offering basic and advanced Class 5 services to their residential customers.

Dialogic PowerVille Conferencing A complete wideband/HD audio and HD video conferencing platform that seamlessly integrates with existing mobile/3G/4G (LTE) and IP/IMS converged networks, and is device agnostic for maximum market penetration.

Dialogic PowerVille AA - Network Auto Attendant PowerVille AA provides a network-based automated attendants that is of high-value, yet simple to use and affordable to deploy. With its carrier-class architecture and design, user-friendly Web Portal, and IMS support with integration to major telecommunications Equipment Manufacturers (TEMs), the PowerVille AA Network Auto Attendant can host an almost unlimited number of Tenants, for maximum return-on-investment (ROI).

Dialogic PowerVille VIVR - Visual Interactive Voice Response Dialogic PowerVille VIVR extends the capabilities of voice-only IVRs by transforming them into collaborative web-based voice and visuals mobile applications for smartphones. By being able to share visual content during a voice call, PowerVille VIVR offers a mobile experience that conveniently and effortlessly engages the caller both visually and audibly.

Dialogic PowerVille Voicemail The PowerVille Voicemail application provides a complete solution for next generation IP-based virtualized voicemail services. It combines Dialogic’s innovative and award winning real-time multimedia communications processing technology with an advanced service delivery platform to enable service providers and enterprises to deliver interactive voice messaging services in a timely and cost effective manner.