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Dialogic PowerVille AA - Auto Attendant


Answer incoming calls efficiently

The manner in which incoming calls are handled is a key part of running a successful enterprise, regardless of its size. However, for micro- and small-enterprises, such as individuals, start-ups, or small office/home offices, when incoming calls are answered efficiently and in a consistent manner, callers feel confident that they are dealing with a well-organized and professional enterprise, which can also often impart the impression of a larger enterprise.

Key Features

Multi-Tenant Solution

Allows multiple businesses to be served by a single instance of software

Browser-Based Web Portal

Easy to manage both locally and remotely

IVR Script Management (per Tenant)

Allows basic IVR interactions for incoming callers, handling call routing based on caller responses

Detailed Reports and Usage Statistics

Providing data on actual call traffic and usage, allowing streamlining of frequent interactions

Integration with other Dialogic PowerVille software

Enabling integrated complex application deployments with a common software base

Grow Average Revenue Per User

The two primary goals of Network Operators are to grow their Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) and minimize their customer churn. This can be accomplished by offering their Enterprise customers services that provide significant productivity and cost savings, without sacrificing customer service. To address these goals, Network Operators around the world are turning to Dialogic® PowerVille™ AA (Network Auto Attendant) to offer a cloud-based automated attendant as a value added service, generating recurring revenue to increase ARPU, while offering enterprises recurring value to minimize churn.

Especially ideal for Network Operators in emerging economies, such as Africa and Latin America where there are large numbers of micro- and small-Enterprises, PowerVille AA takes into account enterprise trends, such as acceptance of cloud-based communications services (SaaS) and “location independent” solutions, to provide network-based automated attendants that is of high-value, yet simple to use and affordable to deploy. With its carrier-class architecture and design, user-friendly Web Portal, and IMS support, PowerVille AA can host an almost unlimited number of Enterprises, or “Tenants” for maximum return-on-investment (ROI).


In the PowerVille AA, tenants have control over defining their scripts through the web portal. A script (template) is the IVR call flow of the automated attendant service which is generated with every new tenant, and can be customized for its greetings, menu options, touch-tone selections, music- on-hold messages, and more.

A script (template) is the IVR call flow of the automated attendant service which is generated with every new tenant

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