Dialogic Addresses Needs of Real-Time Communications with New Load Balancer Offering

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Dialogic® PowerVille™ LB – Load Balancer for Real-Time Communications to address the unique low-latency and resiliency needs of large-scale real-time communications systems.

Dialogic PowerVille LB

Parsippany, NJ, January 12, 2016 - Dialogic, a global networking software and infrastructure solution provider, announced today the availability of Dialogic® PowerVille™ LB – Load Balancer for Real-Time Communications, a software-based load balancer, designed to address the unique scaling and resilience requirements of real-time communications applications in carrier and enterprise applications. 

Core network functions facilitated by PowerVille LB include:

  • Improved network resilience and reliability
  • Balancing requests from multiple application servers or App server clusters
  • Efficient utilization and allocation of incoming traffic across a pool of service nodes
  • Improving overall application server performance via assistive functions such as traffic grooming, encryption offload, and service affinity
  • Seamless integration with existing network infrastructure for rapid and quantifiable network impact
  • Ease of use, as well as low complexity operations management

“Managing latency-sensitive voice and video network traffic within large-scale deployments of real-time communications applications is a challenge that is not always effectively addressed by existing web-centric Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs)”, said Ronald Gruia, Director for Emerging Telecom at Frost & Sullivan.  “Dialogic PowerVille LB stands out from existing ADCs by tackling the unique needs of real-time communications with application-aware traffic management features, resilience and contextual routing.”

“As virtualized and cloud-based real-time communications applications continue to gain market acceptance, scaling becomes an increasing priority” said Jim Machi, Senior VP Product Management and Marketing at Dialogic. “As shown in a production deployment at one of our European tier 1 service provider customers, our PowerVille LB load balancer addresses the unique low-latency and resilience requirements of real-time communications while enabling application scaling.”

Dialogic PowerVille LB is a software-based high-performance, and fully optimized network traffic load-balancer, uniquely designed to meet challenges for today’s demanding Real-Time Communication infrastructure in both carrier and enterprise applications. With PowerVille LB, application developers, service providers and enterprises are able to dynamically scale, distribute and manage traffic associated with a diverse set of real-time and non-real-time applications across disparate applications and data centers.  Designed for COTS servers, virtualized or NFV deployments, the software-based PowerVille LB can be deployed in cloud or on-premise implementations, supporting geographic diversity and resilience.

When deployed with the Dialogic® PowerMedia™ XMS Media Server (MRF) and Media Resource Broker (MRB) products, PowerVille LB enhances scalability and resilience across multiple application implementations.

PowerVille LB is available worldwide from Dialogic and through authorized Dialogic systems integrator partners. To learn more, visit the PowerMedia LB product information page or contact your regional Dialogic sales office.

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